Grammieblog entry: Weekend Travel

Armed with ereaders and iPhones set on Audible, Grammies were on the road this first long weekend in February in British Columbia. The Greyhound and Pacific Coach bus service was full to overflowing moving Grammies around the province for some grammalove.

I met and witnessed some wonderful caring and loving women in all shapes and sizes heading out and heading home. Once every 3 months or so ladies hit the road for those heartwarming hugs with beloved children and their precious offspring. I was in good company.

Women in my travel club ask me about weekend getaways and when our next trip is. Maybe relying a bit on my adventurous spirit to organize a trip they can join. The truth is that I have a commitment to travel on average every 6 weeks, or 8 times a year. I plan half of those trips with family and close friends for hugs and time spent enjoying our life journeys together. The measure of my travel plans is often not just where I go but who I travel with.

I combine my trips with business and pleasure. On this trip I enjoyed overnight sleepover visits with Joanne, Cari, Tuulikki, Peg and my beautiful daughter. I also had a long overdue visit with Marcia. Holding tight to loving friends with generous outpouring and reconnection is a favorite travel opportunity for me. Any arrangement to hold and play with my grandsons, a priority and commitment.

I am happy to be home, with the scent of grand babies fresh in my mind, and empty travel bags, having delivered gifts for first birthday and the family. I am bus weary from the many hours sitting up right and adjusting to the full days of travel. It seems always to be too,short and I miss them when I leave. My arms ache to be back there and my heart is full from the recent love talk.

I enjoyed meeting countless women who collectively travel thousands of miles to see those precious smiles of children who love us unconditionally. I listened to two highly motivating and wonderful books for business and building a successful and happy life. I feel renewed and ready to return to work today.

Unpacking, laundry, and up early as I adjust to my daily routine, I feel happy.

With grammielove,


2 comments on “Grammieblog entry: Weekend Travel

  1. Pooyan says:

    I am really happy for your grandchildren to see you visit them….these moments are soooooo precious.

    Also, I am really happy that you are able to be this adventurous and be able to travel that much….
    you are definitely an inspiration to me and I can but only learn from your commitment and hardwork.

    Btw, I had my grandma in Canada from oversees about 1.5 years ago, it was great to see her back and I was hoping she’d stay, but she wen back. I really want to see her again.

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