I make the choice that changes my life …..

It does not matter to me what gets me on the bus, only that I do.

Whatever the fuel, the “why”, the inspiration; once I open my heart to what I truly desire, how I want to feel …. My action will be “right” action.

This weekend I learned this. I started Friday night with an amazing evening with Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte. If you don’t know them, google them. Read their blogs, and listen to their YouTube offerings. Step into what they have to offer with an open mind. They will do the rest. I promise.

They started the evening with a presentation and overview of their philosophy and personal practice to a room of 400 plus women and men at the opening night of a yoga conference in Victoria BC. It was at the convention center, at the Empress Hotel: an iconic and perfect venue for changing lives. I was front row center and early to arrive. I was with a few friends and my life was altered, again.

Faster and with surety I am stepping in to my own. What needs to happen for this to be the Best Year ever?

1. Make every week be memorable and life changing for the first 6 months of the year. Make it cumulative and practice all the new inspirations. Own the changes and be the person I want to be. Do a detailed compilation of all the feelings I desire. And do only the activities that give me those feelings. I keep in mind it does not matter what gets me on the bus, it does not matter what brings me to the feeling buffet: what matters is that I take the actions that come from inspiration that make me feel how I desire to feel.

2. In the second half of the year, start making every day memorable and life changing per the statements above

3. By the end of the year EVERY person I encounter will be affected to be feeling the way they desire to feel.

I will be able to easily answer the question: What does the highest version of my biggest vision look like? And how do I want to be remembered?

Thanks for joining me in travel and in life. If you read this blog and are moved in any way, I invite you to comment and “follow”. This is going to be the BEST year ever and you don’t want to miss an entry!

With love and gratitude for my friends and family who offer such grace and support, I feel invincible. Xoxo



2 comments on “I make the choice that changes my life …..

  1. Debbie rachar says:

    Hello Pam. I am delighted to be in your world. I have put “It doesn’t matter what gets us on the bus, only that I do.” as a quote in my iPad. I love the questions and the magic that is unfolding in your life.

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