How to get the most from sea days

How to get the most from your sea days

There are so many options available to all passengers on a cruise ship. I have heard people say they think they would be bored on a cruise ship. If in fact that is true and they get bored on sea days, they probably get bored on land days as well.

What are your hobbies? What kinds of activities have you always wanted to try? Fencing? Using the gym? Painting? Ballroom dancing? Writing? Meeting famous and interesting international people? Reading? Singing? Playing Bridge? Completing puzzles? Learning computer techniques? Cooking? Ever wonder about a life at sea? Dressing up or staying casual? Learning about diamonds and precious stones? Going to Vegas style shows nightly? Being waited on hand and food? Experience quality spa treatments? Attend lectures on fitness and health? Practice tai chi?

I could go on and on. Some ships have skating rinks and zip lines, rock climbing walls and flow riders. Most have hot tubs and pools year round. Almost all have extensive libraries and Internet connections. There is almost always a promenade deck for walking miles out in the wild seas.

Several of the activities you might do at home, if you took the time. Others might be on your bucket list to learn and enjoy. Make a list each evening before bed from the variety offered on that ship the next day. Step out of the routine and find yourself intrigued by meeting new people who enjoy the same types of activities you do. Or perhaps sit for hours over tea in a lovely lounge listening to live classical music while immersed in your favorite author’s latest offering.

Travel with an ereader, iPad or NetBook computer. Find your self in the activities of the day, with your partner or solo.

Talk to your favorite travel consultant for advice about the most suitable ship for your interests.

Sea days are the best days to really experience a cruise ship as the destination.

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