Activities on Cunard


My experience with Cunard is that there are too many activities to take them all in. The speakers are competent and informed. Right now I can hear one of the chefs demonstrating his culinary expertise and he is getting multiple applause in the Queens Room. Water color painting takes place on this ship in the Brittania restaurant. Steve has gone to listen to an actor speak about science fiction genre movies. Yesterday it was westerns.

Shopping specials everyday. A few authors are on board signing books and speaking about writing. Bridge games for all levels. Casino instruction, movies, dance lessons, wine and champagne tasting events. The ever present food, and tours of the ship. Istudy courses for those wanting to learn about iPads and using Mac computers. Photo finishing and lectures about the history of Cunard line and other ships at sea. Even the woman Captain talks about what it is like for her living at sea. Trivia events throughout the day, today includes James Bond theme trivia also. Even martini mixing workshop, today James Bond style.

Art galleries are beautiful on this vessel. International musicians in many venues throughout the ship. Lots of windows and comfy chairs for sea viewing. Games room is busy with jigsaw puzzles and card players. Fitness and health workshops throughout the day, something for everyone, Pilates, yoga,tai chi, reflexology, acupuncture, massage and more. Bingo. Jewelry lectures, even hair dressing tips. Galley tours and coffee hour each day for solo travelers. Golf putting, ping pong, swimming and hot tubs.

I think I will go for a wee wander, and maybe a rest in the room before lunch. What a luxurious way to travel.

2 comments on “Activities on Cunard

  1. Patti says:

    Loving the “stories” you tell….glad you are enjoying every moment!!

  2. Debbie Rachar says:

    Sounds like pure luxury. I will experience myself one day. Thanks for sharing and Living the Dream!

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