Lucky 13 sea day ….GGA

Entry 13. Ode to toes

Saturday 22 September, sea day. Only one sea day on this cruise and we filled it with self satisfying endulgences.
Pedicure at 815 am for Pam. Lovely, soft and relaxing overlooking the sea out the spa window. Feeling pampered being exfoliated, massaged, wrapped in hot towels, more massage with oils, nails sculpted and paint applied. Closed eyes and relaxing. Taking it all in. Are we getting pampered too much, she asks. Pam responds, is there ever too much? Pam also scores complimentary white flip flops, and enjoys wearing them throughout the rest of the day.
Then breakfast on the lido deck for omelet and other tasty treats. Penny headed off for her pedicure and Pam took in a 1 and half watercolor painting class… Sailboats in water. After the class we went to the lido deck and laid in the hot beautiful sun, by the pool. A slight breeze kept it from getting too warm.
Penny found the outdoor barbecue and brought back burgers for us both. Pam headed back to another watercolor class painting the famous blue dome that can be seen of Santorini. Fun to draw and imagining we will see this site in just a few days. Blue skies, blue sea and stark white painted as if bleached, buildings with blue domes.
Last night we ventured off ship to purchase some needed wine. It was dark and way out of Pam’s comfort zone. Penny is always encouraging. The duty free was closed. We stumbled upon a small outdoor restaurant and could see some wine and beer inside. Wondering if they would sell to us … Are you kidding? I am beginning to think everything is for sale in Istanbul.
The owner did not speak very good English however he got up on a chair and recommended a spectacular red wine. He only had one of those. Forty lyra translated to about $20 USD so that was a deal. He also had a cheaper bottle, and we needed two. I also purchased two local beer for Penny to have in our room.
We came on board and to our delight, celebrated the lovely red wine choice. We seem to be not too interested in the late shows of dancing and singing. Rather hanging out on our amazing balcony enjoying the cool breeze and warm air, and listening to the water sloshing below us. Dark black night sky and sometimes lights off in to the distance.
We contine to blog in the evenings and have established a ritual of comfort in this extraordinary luxury. We design a collage for the day of our adventures, and capture a moment in time on pictures taken with our iPads.
Tonight was formal night, one of many. Dressed in our bling and stunning wardrobe pieces we have early dining at a table for 10 but only 8 have every been present. 3 other lovely couples bring unique personalities and great stimulating conversation to the table. It is fun and rewarding and very enjoyable.


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