14, day in Izmir

14, day in Izmir Turkey.
Penny’s new mantra is “I love Turkey!”. The people, the buzz, the shopping, the friendliness, the carpets, the wine, the music, the coffee, the food, the smiles, the adventure. We have walked today along the sea wall maybe 5 miles each way. We are still in a cafe.
We found a Starbucks and had a time getting on Internet. The girl had no idea how to assist and did not speak English. We shopped even though 80 percent of shops are not open today, Sunday. Many were happy to offer us leather goods, carpets and food.
There appears to an inordinate number of men between ages 20 and 35 wandering around in packs or herds. They seem to be chatting up street vendors, and no women except tourists. We definitely get lots of looks! Leisure is a word that describes sitting in a cafe writing notes and Penny drinking turkish coffee.
What an experience! I am much more cautious of a traveler but am enjoying the richness of our differences.

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