Day 2 The Great Greek Adventure, packing stress is over

My brilliant friend, Joanne, met me at the ferry in Vancouver and as we drove to her lovely home in Chilliwack we talked about my packing stress! I was feeling frustrated, nervous and overwhelmed at the prospect of carting over 50 pounds of stuff around in a suitcase all over Italy ….. What have I got in that bag? Is the question over and over in my head.

Out for dinner with her good friend telling stories all evening, thoughts of shoes, scarves and a sore back kept rolling through my mind.

Today, Sunday and the eve of my trip, we went shopping. I found a stylish and classy, shiny sleek small dark suitcase with 4 wheels that can be pushed and pulled. Perfect!! I will make the stuff fit!! Then I purchased the lovely red overnight / computer bag on wheels that I have drooled over and checked out several times in Victoria before I left … but had not yet bought. Again, smaller and lighter weight, classy and big enough! Yes, I say with conviction! I can do this!

Several hours in the upstairs suite …. And by the way she is going to rent out the upstairs to some very lucky person ….. And out with the old, in with the new. We were relentless and sometimes Joanne had to hide away some of my “maybe” pile as we were brutal in selection. Do you really need this other pair of shoes ??? (Sian, you would so have appreciated this afternoon!!).

And this scarf is very similar to that scarf … how many pair of black tights do you need? Too many t shirts …

It is done. My bags are re packed and ready for the flight. I had called Lufthansa to confirm what I already knew in my bones. Their new policy for luggage weight and extra bags has recently been changed and carries a $100 to $150 price tag depending on the scenerio. We got out the scale and I am firmly and securely under the allowance and I can lift the bag without causing major back injury.

I feel the stress melt away in the heat of the suns rays pouring in the window of the upstairs bedroom where we have repacked the larger blue suitcase now almost as full as it was when I arrived, it seems.

I am ready. We spent a beautiful evening out for Greek dining, followed by google search of the ports of call I will be visiting on my cruises. We looked at islands in the sunset, cobblestone steps, white washed building with azure blue domes. Wine tours catch my attention and walks through ancient times. Meandering through narrow alley ways and stopping for a cool glass of something or other and drinking in the local culture. Santorini, Kusadasi, Izmir, Rhodes, Messina, Olympia, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Pireaus, Chania, Rome, Mykonos, Katakolon, Venice ….. ahhhhhhhhhhh

2 comments on “Day 2 The Great Greek Adventure, packing stress is over

  1. Lori Wheeler says:

    Glad you packed lighter, you will feel so much better with less stuff! You will be visiting many of the places we did in our recent cruise. Although we didn’t get to go to Corfu or Dubrovnik, two places I will be sure to go next time! Have a wonderful holiday! xo

  2. Joanne says:

    This might open up a picture of the stuff you are now NOT taking to Greece! omg and I carried it ALL upstairs in one run yesterday!

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