Great Greek Adventure, Leg 1

Day one of the Great Greek adventure. 15 Sept 2012

I got a ride to the BC Ferry walk on and am now on the first leg of my cruise. Ok – it is only a ferry but it is on water and reminds me a bit of embarkation on a real cruise…. sort of.

My packing stress continues. Tried to weight my bags to get on the ferry and it is too heavy! So I will need to repack and maybe send some stuff home to Steve ….. Just don’t get it!! How does this happen? I will have tonight and tomorrow to figure this out.

Ferry is not full, it is sunny and beautiful outside. I am on my way!! Tickets and passport, check. Euros and US dollars, check. Mastercard and travel protection information, check. New ipad, ebook, iphone and this old computer for writing my story (has a keyboard), check check check and check. Too many bags, check. Vouchers and Boarding passes, check.

I have some Univera products to help me with muscle strain from carrying my heavy bags!! Can’t wait to eat and drink contents so I won’t have to carry them in Venice to board the train. I may have too many clothes as well – will have to review the situation and repack later.

Completed some travel booking duties this morning, addressed 100 envelopes for Dream Voyage delivery to some awesome people. Dropped off some papers I can file when I get back in 3 weeks. Cleaned off my home office desk at home. Gathered up some belongings for my youngest daughter to come pick up on her way moving off the island. Emptied the garbage can in my room. Filed or deleted old emails from several email sites so they won’t clog up my phone ipad as I begin my travels.

Not sure how to use ipad yet and so last minute decision to bring this old faithful lap top / netbook computer for blogging and journaling and maybe writing my first ebook. The key board on the ipad is small and unfamiliar at this time. And my CruiseShipCenters business is not totally compatible with Apple products. I know I will be spending much time in airports and will want to have the right technology for the right purpose. Gee whiz, remember when we just took a camera? I am not complaining … just noticing.

I look forward to noticing as much as I can on this trip. Stop, take a photo in my mind of what is, try not to judge and make up stories about why, and let it go as the moment passes and new moment steps in to view.

Gentle enquiry as I meet people and wonder their story. Again, the task is to stay present, welcome the experience and stay in the “what is”.

I don’t feel totally prepared for this day. It seems a short time ago I was making the decision to make final payment and commit to the trip. And then time zipped by and here I am.

Day one, moment one … just noticing.

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