Today, what am I learning from yesterday? 

Some experts say we learn from crisis.  While I am certain this can be proven to be true, what is the cost to the soul? vs learning from caring, compassion and consideration.  From reflection and desire, research and practice?

Standing in my own experience and from what I learn now, that which I can feel today …  the cost to learning from crisis alone is too great.  When people put us on notice or speak down to us, we become injured. 

Let me sit with that statement for a few breaths and let it truly sink in.  Do I know it is true?

Many can return to a strong place but what has been the cost? And the residual pain and loss of self?  What is the true cost and where does that hide?

This is my mission …. To speak this belief and wonder if any lights can be turned on through shining my own light.  Holding it up as a candle in the dark of my truth.

Let us not harm others, but gently offer another perspective.  Let us bring change with kindness.  Certainly many situations will lead to learning and growth.  I ask the Universe to please let me be part of offering a catalyst of love, not fear.

Let the shadow of doubt be gone and the soul be not damaged in the precious moments of change and redirection.  Let words of kindness and gentle enquiry be my guide and sign post from this moment forward.


Thank you for this learning.  I am so grateful and happy now to be living on purpose, joyfully and with ease.

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