Why do it at all?

Why do it at all?

What is the point of prioritizing, setting goals and spending hour after hour organizing a life in pursuit of those goals?

For each of the answer is unique.  As this is my blog, I guess it is my turn to speak about my “why”.

I have had a most generous and loving life. 

I have family who care for me and support me.  I would love to find some way to give to my family: my mother; my daughters; my partner; my brother and his family; my aunts and uncle; my cousins; and the newest additions, my grandsons.  I see me working for this purpose.  To raise the standard of living of my family and to contribute to their happiness by living the life I love.  I can offer travel opportunities, I can arrange visits and spend that precious commodity: time.  I can and do share the gift of health and vitality that I have been so fortunate to discover. 

I feel a strong emotional connection to friends; always have.  Maybe because of frequent moves, maybe it was in my DNA and perhaps it is my habit formed from positive reinforcement of generous love by having heartfelt connection to other human beings.  Wherever it originated, I rejoice that I have good friends!  I love to spend time with friends, in person is the best.  Travel to foreign lands with friends where we walk and discover together how the world works and how it came to be as it is; to take steps on cobblestone walkways where many, many millions have walked before us; particularly women friends, soul sisters and women holding hands around the world; this has become my “why”.

To travel this wide world in emotional capsules of love and connection, is my “why”.  To discover Her-story on the planet and to share in deep understanding of how it is and how it will be, is my “why”.  To give back and pay it forward in acts of kindness to the ones I love, and also to those whose path crosses mine on my adventures, is my “why”.  To further explore vital energy and fitness of the body, as well as continue on a path of life-long learning and exploration of social networks and to offer relationship support in achieving higher and higher financial standing of women globally, is my “why”.  I want to live in a world where women are financially invincible, fit and having fun.  That world offers happy children and a future for all persons. 

When I found my “why”, I sat with it and let it wash over me in waves, as if sitting on the shore as the tide comes in on the Bay of Fundy.  First appearing slow and gentle with the rise and fall of the water line; then, as if by magic, suddenly it seems that I am immersed in this vision and I have goose bumps and tears in my eyes.

The journey that I walk on is mine and it is personal: it is political and it is of vital importance to my soul.  

Why do you do what you do?  What stirs deep inside your being, reaching down into your gene pool and pulling out the core of your existence, your reason for being and doing?  Share with me, if you care to.  I will be happy to bare witness to your journey.  Travel with me in spirit and let’s do what we came here to do. Image

3 comments on “Why do it at all?

  1. Love the lilac! Why do I do what I do? Good acts are motivated by my love for God. I want to show him my gratitude by performing random acts of kindness. In a word GOD is the reason I do what I do. He has given me everything good in my life. Apart from my husband, children and close family, he is the one friend who has never let me down!

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Pam: You are an amazing writer. So much wisdom in your message. I want to travel with you period. In spirit, in person, in health, in love, in friendship, etc. I wanted to reply immediately. I will ponder your well thought out questions that inspire me to answer. I Love You, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank You my treasured friend and soul sister.

  3. Why I like to give from what I know….everyday I struggle to find and refine and tune in to my purpose and the channel I like to give. Many stories past in front of my eyes and I learned lesson from them but a lot of them sounded like cliche and I just felt I am not really giving it all to find out my purpose. I do not think I am acting for common good only but also out of hugely vested self-interest. Self-interest in truth of science of energy, futuristic transportation, information sharing and creating collaborative rather negatively competetive initiatives. Using imagination and what I learned in school to educate people or at least learn and appreciate the universe of unlimited potentials within each and one of us. And this way I do not have to live a cliche, dragging everyone else down. I can be the vehicle of opening of the eyes, sustainability and prosperity for the communities across the globe, rather than a cornered menial worker victim type…..so why not.

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