Dream Travel Tips


  1. Pick up magazines that are laying around.  Travel agencies often don’t mind if you take some home.  Get together with friends.  Share and help each other find those special pictures.  Talk about stories from travels past and future dreams.  Cut and paste.  Create a DREAM TRAVEL BOARD.  Cover a book, use construction paper, use an old picture frame.  You don’t need to spend any money to make the most magnificent TRAVEL  DREAM  BOARD.
  2. Read books, look at magazines in the Doctors office or hair salon, search online, read travel blogs.  Go to library and book stores to browse what costs you nothing.  Virtual shopping, checking out Pinterest and Lonely Planet just looking at places that attract you.
  3. See yourself there.  Don’t be attached to when or with whom.  Be open to opportunities.  Visualize.
  4. Notice and seek out conversations about travel, about people who want to travel.  You can join Meetup groups (free) in most communities and all large cities.
  5. Talk to certified financial advisors who will offer you FREE consultation on how to get $$ available for your travel dream.  Talk to people who have the life you want (not the family or friends who will make you feel you can’t succeed.  YOU CAN SUCCEED)  Believe in yourself and your dreams!
  6. Consider alternate and additional sources of income.  One such example might be a home based business.  Perhaps in relationship marketing, or coaching, teaching something you love?  Learn about the options and shop for FREE advice from professionals.
  7. Talk to an accountant and get advice on possible tax breaks, write off’s and options for your new part time business opportunities.  Select your method for increasing your income specific to your travel dreams.
  8. GET STARTED!  Today, small investment now.  Take some online training (FREE) and get some coaching from your selected Mastermind Group.
  9. Talk to me about your availability, refer to your friends and family.  Invite and start packing!
  10. TRAVEL … get out there.  Experience the world.  Blog, take pictures, and get ready to live the life of your dreams.

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