Great morning

Hi, I have decided to try to post more regularly and more often.  So much happens in between my travels that is significant.  My life is happening and I need to show up and write about it!  I hope you will join me.

I believe in living my vision and passion for creating abundance and financial freedom.  I start with great health and vital energy and I succeed in all areas of my life so I can live my dream to travel the world with my family and friends. 

I am presently enjoying safe and healthy weight management using the program.  It works and is easy and I get to eat Chocolate Cake for breakfast!  Gluten free foods are important to me and I have enjoyed the convenience and variety of the ones I use on this program.

I attended a Disney travel presentation a few nights ago and won the grand prize.  No longer one of those people who never wins!  I will be traveling hopefully with my eldest daughter and her family, my grandsons and heading to Disneyland in spring 2013.

Also planning to travel with my partner and his daughter and her husband, as well as my dear friend to Europe end of September for Rome round trip cruise, Seminar at Sea, with Royal Caribbean International.  Being a travel agent has its perks!

Also making plans for group of us to be in Europe on a cruise with Princess from 2 Sept to 23 Sept.  More on that another day.

My dreams are reality.  I have vision boards around me and I see the future as it unfolds before me.  I set it in motion by my intention and enjoying the creativity of my life.


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