en route to Hawaii 19 Sept 2009


So today is the second day at sea.
Already it is now day 3. I had some problems with the wave movement day 1 and 2 sea days. Today it is sunny, warm and beautiful out on the balcony and I feel inspired to send a message. It feels like we are heading to the heat and sun of the tropical islands of Hawaii.
I dressed, went up and got a cup of tea for me, and coffee for mom. She is getting dressed and I am out on the balcony enjoying the sounds and sights of the surf as we sail through the wild sea. Other people are rising, I can hear voices from other balconies. This is a private verandah, though and no one can see in (I think).
We have gained 2 hours in time already so it is early in the morning in the middle of the Pacific, 7:15 am. The sun is hot, sky is blue, and we are in for a warm day, it seems.
In the last few days it has been chilly and very windy, with many people staying in their rooms due to the affect of motion. 6 to 8 foot waves, seem like a lot, when trying to navigate around the decks. Today, some small waves, little motion … very nice.
Women already on the sun deck reserving seats to catch some rays and prepare for the hot hot sun of Hawaii.
I can barely see this screen due to glare but I am happy I have it. Computer access is dear here, almost a dollar a minute, so I am going to write emails separate and then maybe cut and paste to gmail to send out. Sorry it is not more personal, folks but cost is a real factor for the cruising woman!! Well, it is for me at any rate!! <smile>
We have our stateroom on the sunrise side of the ship and I ghly recommend this to those with a window or balcony. You have access to heavy drapes if you want to sleep in, but the sights in the morning are breathtaking on a day like today an not to be missed. Yesterday we had a spectacular show of color and cloud, mixed with orange sun and yellow and blue, purple, salmon, and bright red. While it fortold of a not nice sea day, it was a sight I will always remember and I just laid in bed to enjoy it!!
We are eating dinner and then to the shows etc in the evening at sun set so not as likely to enjoy the colors from the balcony or window side. I must keep this in mind for all my cruises!!!
Time now to kick back, relax, drink tea, exchange a few words of delight and go have some wonderful concoction for breakfast in the main dining room. We have chosen to have breakfast there as they can accommodate my specific dietary needs better there. At lunch we have chosen the lido deck for whatever the country of specialty focus of the day (yesterday Mexican, day before, Greek!)
The food choices are good, last evening we had tiny lobster tails from Maine and very large shrimp, with cherries jubilee and chocolate melting cake for dessert. We enjoy our table ladies to chat with … and our waiter, Randy has a great singing voice and serenaded us with “when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, thats Amoree”. It was nice.
Time to go enjoy the sun and get back to the business of eating yet again <grin>
love to all, from the Carnival Spirit room 6128, 6th floor, forward, sunny side of the ship!!

Pamela MacDonald

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