Cruisin to Hawaii 20 Sept 2009

 another day of sea. Sunday 20 September, 2009 en route to beautiful Hawaiian Islands on the Carnival Spirit.
I have had my shower and dressed, gone up to the Lido deck to pick up coffee for mom, and tea for me in the lovely green logo cups we bought first day (came with free cappucino!!) at a great price. They encourage tipping for room service on this ship and neither of us have appropriate change or small bills to pay for that … so I have been the room service <grin>. Then when we are ready we go up for breakfast in the lovely dining room and sit by a window to watch the waves, water and hopefully whales (not yet).
Mom has spied dolphins we think, and flying fish. The opportunity to sit out on the balcony and watch the sun and sky activity and look for signs of sea life is lovely. The weather today is overcast with sunny periods and warmer wind blowing. Still 5 to 7 foot swells so there is lots of rocking motion.
We had a few laughs with our table mates last evening. Two ladies are from Vegas and they share a flat there, and have small puppies .. the other two ladies are mother and daughter team from interior BC. We get along well. The Vegas couple are like a comedy act from television and maybe could host their own sitcom!!!
I laid out in the sun yesterday and as usual, a bit too long so I have a red face, however, it was great!! Although mom was with me, she got a small bit of color on her neck .. that is it.
“My life in Ruins” was the movie on tv so we watched that the night before. Last night we were dressed up for Hawaii night cocktail party in the main atrium and carried on to dinner, then back to our rooms and fell asleep before the evening show!!! We seem to be catching up on sleep at least. The rocking motion is like being rocked to sleep – very soothing as long as it is not too rough.
Today we will attend more question and answer periods for Hawaii – shopping tips and how to get around the islands. Although many of the stops the same as when I was here with Steve, a few different ports of call, like in Maui. We won’t plan on any excursions but may take advantage of free Hilo Hattie shuttles at all the ports of call. Two days in Maui will be very fun – hopefully we will see a lot there. Our table mates have excursions planned so we can learn about what they see every evening. I will be happy to report to my blog and interested cruisers, the recommended excursions and tours that people take. Some, such as helicopter over the volcano, are pricey but come highly recommended so we shall see what people report. There is active lava flow so this is an opportunity for folks to see a volcano up close and personal (and safe).
I am sitting on the balcony, sipping tea and listening to the waves and movement of the sea. It is strong and forceful and oh so beautiful where the sun shines on the surface of the water. No white caps out here but water swells can be felt and seen .
Yesterday I started reading my book – the White Queen, by Philippa Gregory. I must be in relax mode! The desserts and ice cream are fabulous on this cruise. Sundaes and banana splits every day 3 to 5 pm. 24 hour soft ice cream and frozen yogurt, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and swirled …. very light and tasty. Also pineapple and lime and other flavor sherbets with meals in the dining room. I had crème brulee last night and it was wonderful. People rave about the chocolate melting cake, almond pastry and apple pastry with carmel sauce. There are sugar free options for cake each night and sugar free ice cream as well. Capuccino with meals, many choices of fresh fruits and other delights. It must be time to eat again!! <grin>That is all for today ………… will write more tomorrow!! Love to all. ALOHA!!

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