Travel Diary 9 – trip to Paris

Entry 9: “Sirius country comes to Scenic Ruby cruise”. Today I put the Sirius radio on for a bit … we have paid a decent amount to have the internet at all times on this cruise …. so I can listen to radio or talk on Skype, or write directly on line. It is all possible!!


“From this moment” …. remember?? Our beautiful wedding day …. Heather giving the gift of singing this song for Steve and I. It is playing and the light bulb is on my computer ………. we are sailing down the most beautiful river ……….


I was starting to think …. no big deal …. now, I am in awe. What a phenomenol thing … to be in this river cruise boat, on the balcony … sailing down this amazing river. The sky is wide, the trees, the birds, parkland, rocks, scenery is breathtaking …. continuously. I have been brought to tears a few times.


Reminders of my life …………. glimpses of precious scenery and wildlife. Swans and heron-like birds, owls, many forms of shore birds …. fish jumping ….


Grad song, Sheena … from your high school …. another tear in my eye …


Flooded with memories of my children growing up … of my sweet life. I am having moments of real passion for my life.


“wanna be rebels…..” …….“we were mostly young”



I am homesick today and feeling you all with me.


Time for lunch and I will come back and write some more … out side.


HI – back again from lunch and the safety drill, then through some locks in the river … apparently we go through 40 some odd sets of locks on this trip!! We went through our first set at lunch and then just now after lunch.


Had a lovely white wine with lunch, pot of tea after. The maitre’d on this ship is a woman and very attentive to my food needs … she is very good actually. The food has been good, not great. Less choices than on a big ship, but nicely prepared.


This morning after breakfast they took us by coach in to the city of Bamberg. Oh …. I keep meaning to write about the “bergs” or “burgs” here. The bergs are like ice berg, and are towns named for the mountains. The other burgs are for named for water, I think?? I will have to confirm this again when I find the tour director later to confirm. He was telling us about it.


We were divided into groups, Elwyn and I chose the green group, wore green shirts .. almost matching actually!! <smile>. We were toured around for a few hours, through churches, huge buildings to learn of the rich history of Bamberg. It was fascinating and lots more information and detail than I really want in a history lesson … but there was richness for everyone. Bridges, paintings done into the plaster, called “fresco” – painted into the wet and then have to do more the next day but can’t have marks that indicate where you started or finished at any given time. Unbelievable form of art really. It does not fade with time. Lots of building in Bamberg from 14 century and of course since. Many of the other towns were destroyed in wars, but not more than 4 percent of this one!! It was a treasure I guess. Fabulous bridges, and a pope lived here!! It is a catholic town, 60,000 population and 10,000 of those students in university – in the old town. A monument to the pope, one to a prince, bishop, wife Kuni, and a man who was celebrated for trying to kill Hitler. This town is famous for its beer. Smoked beer is a specialty … more than 100 micro brewery kind of places, like inn’s where they sell only that beer that they make. Very happy town, apparently and EVERYONE drinks beer. They roast the hops for Guiness!!!! Crazy beer drinking place. Don’t sell pop in the inn’s, only beer!


I did get a picture of the jail, however, which was always used as a jail … or work place for those who were homeless or committed crime …. it is right in town. Yellowish building … ask me and I will show you the picture!! Considering the beer drinking apparently not a lot of crime and not a lot of people in the jail. Interesting contrast for my work and what I have come to know….


The monks made beer underground in celars. And the buildings are a mix of culture and time …. start a building under one kind of architecture and then the style changed so other parts are something else – gothic for example, mixed with renaissance and barocque?? When the big wig ran out of money, just stopped construction, mid building!! bricks hanging out off the end of the building where the next wing was supposed to go!! funny looking.


(a moment to take a break- looking out the balcony window in wonder at the vineyards and rich country side, red roofs, lovely little homes, towns, amazing really). Stunningly beautiful – even more so than any calendar you have ever seen, or picture of this area. WOW!!!! Have to be quick with the camera (or take picture with your mind) as the trees can sometimes be in the way!!).


I have taken many pictures … filled up the little memory thing in my camera so in Bamberg, got another one …. they replaced it for me …. hope I don’t lose the old one!!! <smile>


I think we are going through more locks soon – slowed down. Elwyn is napping … I am out on the deck, found a Coca Cola light and bottles of water today … so I have beverages and my camera and my letter to you ……….. I feel content and happy and once again alone to enjoy my thoughts.


I love my new traveling buddy, and I still love the solitary moments to think and type and be with all of you. I miss you more than I can say. And wishing I could share this with you in person as well. I guess pictures and my email letters will have to be enough till we are together again


It is cooler here than I planned so have to adjust the wardrobe and of course only brought sandals. I may find a pair of running shoes at some point if it keeps being so cool on the feet.


Elwyn was telling me about and showing me her great new suitcase with amazing wheels that are so easy to pull …. I was thinking I might find one one day … there in Bamberg in a small zellers type, Woolworth type NOT-fancy store was a white one on sale. I have longed for a white suitcase. I saw it and tried it out … and now it is mine!! I will look for a Paris bumper sticker maybe to put on it. It is hard sided and mid sized so I should have no problem bringing all my “shoes” home <big smile>.


The sign on the locks is “Knetzgau” … not sure if that is a place?? but if you google it, I wonder what you will find??? Will you be able to pinpoint on a map exactly where I am as I write this to you?? if so, ….. another experience of magic.


Love this little lap top and LOVE that it brings me closer to all of you… and gives me a chance to write my thoughts. I am sending love from Knetzgau, from Bavaria, from Germany and from my little balcony and room aboard the Scenic Ruby. (you can google that too – we are room 219 B)


big loves …..


Pam / Mom


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