Travel diary 10 – trip to Paris

Diary entry 10 – Tuesday in Germany …. en route to Paris!!


Hi again. I have been able to do Skype with Steve for about 20 minutes until we went under a bridge and lost the connection. Modern technology is amazing!!


In stark contrast to the quiet quaint countryside that I am sailing through on this river cruise boat! I am loving this balcony, closeness to the water, seeing the ducks, water birds, water movement, over the rocks, small country homes with red roofs, precious bridges. The greenery is so lush. So full of life. So full of movement – ever changing, but miles of it the same.


Alongside the waterway – the mighty Rhine, is the railroad. Hundreds of years of history …. laid out beside the river. Towns, families, wineries all built to sustain themselves with the help of the mighty and lovely, life giving river. A speedy passenger train . Very red, not too many cars, goes speeding by. By contrast to the quiet meandering of the river and sweet bird song.


Off in the distance is rich farm land, families supporting themselves and their communities with fresh grown produce, grain and grapes. Small private bridges built to make joining lands convenient. Corridors of travel – water, road, rail, even air. Connections one and all. That take the separateness of all and make us one and interconnected.


I can feel the breath of this land, this water. Breathtaking. Breathing out and breathing in. Huge sigh. Small rapid breaths. Yawns of vastness.


The water seems to giggle along. Happy in its travels and never really in a hurry to get anywhere – enjoying the pace and the journey. Taking it all in, reflections of the great sky, the minute tiny creatures and bugs, the home of wildlife and green growing things.


This represents a unique kind of travel. Borrowing the world of this river, being one with it for a moment in time as we journey along its path. Sharing also the air, cool breezes, tiny droplets of moisture from time to time. Sharing the sights, the sounds, the fragrance, the peaceful quite and chaotic turmoil – all within each fraction of a moment. Sit still and try to hold it all ….


What is coming beyond the bend?? I stretch out my neck to see … ahh but the mystery remains untold.


Why was this church built on this spot? What were the stories of the hands belonging to the individuals who also were part of families and communities ?? what became of them? What pride did they feel in their contribution. What did they take from the river, what did they give to it? What is the story of this steeple and its construction, what has it meant to the people who have entered its buildings?


People watching from shore, waving to us. We acknowledge enthusiastically … “We are from Canada, come to borrow your river for a while. We want to share your story for just a brief moment ………… Thank you. We are grateful for your generosity. ……. good bye!!”. All said in a wave of the hand.


A brief but significant encounter of human and nature, of time and space. The joining of many lifetimes and many families in that brief and wonderful encounter. I am blessed.


A woman on a bike, waves with a big smile of encouragement and giving of her special place – this river. She shares so generously with us. And we gently borrow a moment of her time. With thanks!

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