Travel Diary 5 -trip to Paris

5th entry, end of day 3 …. light bulb ON!


Greetings diary. I just woke up from a power nap … a few hours ago I was so incredibly sleepy … so laid down in the wonderful soft bed with thick duvet (yes, I put an extra duvet on because it was there …. ). I have a thing about being warm when I sleep …. it was heaven but woke up too hot. So, not sure what the perfect balance is. I am thinking that the perfect sleep is with a quality duvet, just one, window open to the sounds of the world outside. I heard the far away “nee nar nee nar nee nar” – again, memories of my past (LB – short form for the light bulb just came on when I typed that). The sound was emergency vehicles but the alarm sound they use is different in Germany than we have in Canada. I had forgotten that until I heard the sound again.


Perhaps this trip needs a name …. Magic and Memories, Pam’s search for Paris!


I think it is important to let the name come to me … not to try to force it. This one seems perfect for now. The plan, the purpose and Paris might be another chapter, however, I am still caught by the magic of a few moments in a meditation room in the airport, and memories of being here as a little girl of about 9 years of age. The wonder of wooded shoes, the greatness of gouda cheese, always delighting in chocolate.


There is a store here that sells tiny miniature settings for doll houses … I think of Kaitlin and how she and I could have spent hours in that store, if she would have come with me as a little girl.


Shoes gallore, makes me think of Sheena …. I found a store called Lucky Shoes where the rock bottom prices were still cut in half …. 10 Euros for leather shoes!! I think Sheena must have found a lucky shoe store when she was in Sweden??


I think of the girls all the time, anyway, but these are just a few of the moments I wanted to share on this email. With such love and gratitude for each their uniqueness and what joy they have both brought to my life. Motherhood comes over me like waves on the shore …. to be felt, savoured and let go.


Mom would have loved the people, cobblestone streets, castles, and Swarovsky crystal stores!!! Mom, this shopping is amazing (LB)!! Stores that sell clothes for the real woman … not just size 2!! Stores with hundreds of people in them …. even a Woolworth’s!!! It was many years ago that I shopped in a Woolworths … (did not ever care for Woolworth’s, actually so decided not to enter today as well — good choice!!)


But there were many other choices.


Steve, I have a Germany mug for you … beautiful – that makes 2 so far! (I definitely need new luggage before I come home). I found a Starbucks bear with a T-shirt that said Starbucks, Germany on it, a little ball hat, jeans and a t shirt. I have him on my list to go find again tomorrow!! I found 3 Starbucks here today … I walked miles. Very easy town to get around .. follow the steeples, and the people.


Lots were generous with speaking English .. the smaller boutiques not so much. I found a wonderful place that is below a massive tower outside my hotel room (one of the trips back to my hotel for using the facilities <grin>) that has all handcrafted items .. no one there spoke English! I found some beautiful glass works jewelery …. I have gained such an appreciation of such things now! Learning from Tony and Carolyn. The glass was somehow attached to silver links and came in the colors I wear … golds, and turquoise and lime green combo, I let it stay in the store.


I have many conversations with myself about enjoying it without owning it! Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t …. you will have to guess which is winning!!!! <big smile>


Back to the “facilities” (LB) update – I was in one department type store and on the very top floor (many of the stores, like in Vancouver, are built up and down …. good exercise for the determined!!) There was no fee for use. I was relieved (pun intended). Trying to keep hydrated. I have a 1.5 litre of water with me at all times …. which has its challenges if I stray too far from my hotel. I am trying to drink lots now as the day draws to a close. As does my page ….. end of the day, end of the page.


There is no shopping tomorrow in Nuremberg, the shops are all closed. I believe my new friend Elwyn will be arriving (which means she is traveling already ) around 2:30 ish. I will stay close and then we can explore the river and roads, buildings and architecture, coffee places etc after she arrives.


For dinner I found a lovely little vender selling fruit and bought a modest container of blueberries, sweet tasty and very large round blueberries. Then I went to the store close by – groceteria, seems like part of a chain maybe?? and bought some cheese. Wish I would have brought more of those crackers I can eat as I am almost out … and not sure what the ingredients are in other languages!! Oh well, I will find something I am sure. On Monday I will be on the river cruise ship and I am hopeful and confident that my dietary needs will be more than looked after then!!! Cruises in my life are all about the food!


The women are so dressed up here … well, some are. Lots of tourists in dresses, clerks in slacks, sweaters around the shoulders, like out of a magazine … lots of details. Lots of scarves everywhere. I have been watching shoes mostly but now really noticing that women are more “out there” (LB) and wearing more scarves with personality …. that say something about them. It is fun to notice!


I also noticed that sex seems to be more ….. hmmmmmm ….. a commodity. I suppose it is also that way in the big cities in Canada too, but here on brochures for escort agencies the pictures are pretty riskee (spelling?) of nude women … as I walk down the streets, store windows advertising sex objects …. lingerie and items that suggest a sexual nature in the windows. Come to think of it, mostly down this one particular street so perhaps it is that I took a wrong turn??? I was listening for languages and heard a bunch of guys talking about it, in English. Just young men. They did not seem too impressed, but then there was always couples coming and going out the door ways??? hmmmmm. I don’t think I will wonder about that too much more …. it was a passing notice .


I did not make it into the huge train station right across the street … I can see a Burger King sign through the doorway so tomorrow I might venture over there and just see if they sell anything else!! <grin>. Lots of familiar burger places … ahhhhh the American influence!!! And all inside old old big buildings, maybe would be considered ancient in Canada, the tall rock towers, church steeples and huge massive doorways and high ceilings.


The weather was wonderful all day. Not too hot, but hot enough, bit of cloud, but always sunshine. It foretells of wonderful weather this whole week end.


I asked at the front desk what my upgrade was …. apparently I asked for a double room and got a junior suite. I guess it pays to come late in the day when all the regular rooms are taken <smile>. I am very pleased with the room – it is very beautiful and I have taken many pictures of it … old and classy. Rich wood colors, marble, huge bay window overlooking the city streets. I will remember it!

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