Travel diary 4 -trip to Paris

Hi all – and with much love from Nuremberg Germany, although every little thing indicates I am in Bavaria … part of Germany??? Geez, maybe I should have done some prep geography work before I came?? <grin>


It is 10 hours or so later here than for you …. Saturday morning and I just woke up. Not exactly refreshed yet, but better than the exhausted state I was in when I arrived. WOW!! that was a trip! All good. Just exhausting.


Beautiful city, I am right at the gate of the old city and it is Saturday morning …. I am thinking Markets??? or that is what I hope to find. Beautiful hotel, my own slippers and lovely comfy bed, thick robe …. high shower head!!! (most of my family can appreciate that little extra necessity!). Marble bathroom, huge actually.


I have arrived without a comb ….. so far that is all that is missing. Internet is outrageous in this hotel, as is EVERYTHING price wise. I think this a comparable to Empress, Banff Springs and Hotel Vancouver if I think about it. A bit behind …. Vancouver has hot spots for free internet and this hotel uses cable and costs more than a Euro a minute …. so won’t be doing any skype from here, I am thinking!!! <smile>


But if I write some each day and send it on email perhaps that will work for now.


Know that I miss you all, love you tons and will keep in touch. I have my cell phone on today but not sure what good that is??? looks like it is roaming or something ….. not sure how it works wherever I am … (Germany?)


Weather is a bit overcast, they tell me it has been 30 some degrees everyday up until yesterday when it was 18 and raining ….. everyone seems to speak some English and that makes it feel much more comfortable at least so far. Took taxi to hotel ….


I need to get some real food – living on nibblies that I brought with me, I see a McDonalds so I may head out for an egg mcmuffin without the muffin <smile> and I hear there are 3 Starbucks in the city so I am bound to find one!!! A cup of tea would be nice. I found a Starbucks in Amsterdam only just before I flew so have a mug for Steve ………. I will need a bigger suitcase if there is a mug everywhere I go <smile>.


I will craft a father’s day email tonight ( or whatever that translates to in your time … I am confused already ) so mom can take that and read it to dad. Or I guess she can take these diary entries as well. Not sure if it makes sense but …….. I am not editing, just writing like I talk.


I am a bit shaky I am thinking due to the change in daytime wakeful hours, and a long time without a sleep yesterday …. so hoping that will pass. Breakfast is calling …. I can see the golden arches from here so hopefully will not get lost. HUGE big building right across the street and the bus central and subway station just out my window …. I can see the old city as well … it is a huge corner so I am sure I will find my way around.


My travel friend will arrive tomorrow afternoon, till then ….. happy sleeps everyone … please all call each other, stay in touch and share the love I am sending to you all.


I miss you very much, thanks for the wonderful support. Kisses and hugs all around. Pam / Mom xoxo

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