Dress Up for Life!

When I was little, I used to play dress up.  I would put on my mother’s high heels and would throw a scarf around my neck, select wild and crazy outfits and spend the whole day in dream land.

As I aged some, I let society message me about being more conservative, not talking out so much and to “take off that silly outfit”.  I was advised as to what successful people wear, and what to wear to fit in.

I am happy to say that my daughters have their own sense of style and have had from an early age.  They also played dress up, in the same stuff of my mother’s!!  They were supported by other girls their age, cousins who spent summer vacations and winter holidays together.  They encouraged freedom of expression and wild and crazy outfits.

So allowing myself to start to play in the artistic way, with my wardrobe, brings me back to a happier time.  A youthful freedom and fun place.  I throw on several necklaces, layered and unmatching … bling!

I have enough scarves to open a shop!  I have hats, shoes and colors galore.  I have themed clothes and color schemes.  I love to wear something new and different every day.

As I prepare for my trip to Europe with small luggage capacity, I am trying on outfits and mixing and matching accessories to accompany me on the journey.  I feel like that little girl again, smiling and laughing in the mirror at the combinations I am trying;  enjoying the idea of leaving my sweats and sneakers, my jeans and boots at home.  While I love the styles, I want to look a bit classier on this luxury vacation.

I don’t want to look like a typical North American tourist in shorts and sandals ….  Oooooops, better get those out of the bag!!  I don’t wear heels due to my height and of course, am always searching for comfort and practicality as well.  I do have some lace up, tie up and shiny choices.

I won’t wear a hat for the travel, but always enjoy visiting hat shops in foreign places.  I have several hat boxes full and many stacks of well behaved hats all over my house, in closets and on shelves.  I might stuff one fun hat in my bag, if there is room.  Just for dress up!!

A bathing suit needs a cover up, and shoulders need cover ups in many foreign places.  Scarves are such fun accessories to enjoy while traveling.  I can even wear the same formal evening outfit, with a different scarf and accessory!

OK – just thought I would share the journey with you today as I continue my travel blog.

What will you wear to town today?  What statement are you making about who you are and who you want to be?  Spruce it up a bit …  throw on a little something extra to make that artistic statement that identifies you as a person who cares about herself.  You might feel happier and you might inspire a revolution of grocery shoppers and gardeners to step it up a notch!

Happy Sunday…. With love