The trek home begins

After a few weeks of a fun and travel, we begin our trek homeward.  Luigi gave us a ride to the Sorrento train station so we could catch a train to Rome via Naples.  A regional train was inexpensive and took a scenic route to Naples.  Beautiful.  

In Naples train station we found a ticket spot to purchase a  fast train to Rome with Italia bullet train,245 kms per hour.  Car 5, seats 17,18, 19, 20 ….

Upon arrival to Rome we walked to the Yes Hotel, the four of us have our old room 215 back like at the start of the trip.  We are happy happy to be back together. A little Prosecco and then out for dinner at Strada Romana.  We were the first at the restaurant but shortly after Fern and Lisa from the GAdventures tour also arrived.  After some texts another five gals arrived, Janie, Adrienne, Judy, Marion and Kathie also were present for dinner.  So fun.  

Tomorrow Mary and I head out for last night at the Yellow House close to the airport.  Eileen and Marni head to Paris.  This leg of the trip is winding up.

Time to sign off for tonight,

Pamella of Italy.


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