Lemon Farm, Sorrento.

ARRIVED at Il Giardino di Vigliano, Sorrento Italy

I believe it is my fifth time here.  Once a while back I stayed a week on the GAdventure tour, three times bringing groups I travel with from the cruise ship (Oceania) when docked in Sorrento or Naples and I am now back, returned for another week on GAdventures tour.

This is a magical place.  Up the twisty driveway, hairpin turns for the larger vans.  Luigi meets us at the walkway to his home, the agritourismo that becomes our home for the next week.  9 of the women from the travel club coming together for this experience.  14 guests being led by the CEO, Silvia.  

I believe this building has been in the family since 14th century. We settled in to our room last night.  Up up and up the stairs, some older grey stone, others marble.   Our balcony overlooks a stunning view of the bay, the special tree that is iconic in this area and on the slope of this land.  One light curtain pulled to one side.  The yellow, blue and white tile floor is stopping us each time we enter the room – with its beauty and design.  Beds are comfy and room uncluttered and spacious.  

I can’t stop staring out the window at the beauty that is this place.  Even in the grey morning after a rain day in Pompeii yesterday.  This is magic, this is adventure and I feel the love from this family as they care for my food needs and also opening their home to strangers in such a warm way.

It is time now to go on a tour with Luigi to the lemon farm lands and hear the family story and feel the legacy.  This afternoon Sorrento.  Prego.  Andiamo.  Ti amo

Pamella of Italy


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