3 coins in the fountain at Trevi means I am coming back!

Another beautiful sunny warm day in Rome.  A bit later to start.  Just dealing with jet lag and long deep and fun conversation even after breakfast in the hotel  … we were the last in the breakfast room long after it was over and the staff graciously accommodated us.  Fun, laughs and closeness.  We shared vogue daily horoscopes.  

Back to Termini station to exchange some electronics for phones.  Then walking through alleys and streets to find a few key places.  Trevi Fountain in the warm sun, blue sky overhead.  We threw our coins in the fountain so we can return one day.  Yay!

More wandering, Spanish Steps .. beautiful blooms and vistas.  Some gelato, water and walking to Pantheon.  The line goes fast and we get lots of photos. Gf Grom for lemon sorbet … second course. 

One of the gals challenging a scammer on the street, then we had to change routes to make sure we all felt safe.

Quiet little family business for lunch…. Fabulous local food. Off a quiet side street. The lock on the bathroom door was challenging and made for good stories. Great food. 

Mary has decided to take pics of handsome well dressed Italian men. Phew, good thing her phone is working!  She’s on the mend!

Found no less than 4 paper / pen shops.  Some tucked away in small alleys.  Fabulous finds and interesting Italian paper products.

White cold wine and cheesies apres walk on cobblestones all day made for more great chatter and connection 

Dinner tonight with a few of the other gals, gf pasta, red wine, sparkling water at Strada Romana on Via Vincenza.  Home for the night and packing up to prep for the cruise.  


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