Lighthouse refuge, Mother Nature speaks

The storm outside encourages me to stay warm and bundled inside.  It is moderate wind and waves, light rain but constant and at home we might call it moderate (not yet heavy) rain.  Here moderate rain would be much harsher and stronger.  As the day progresses visibility is less.  It feels gentle to wait inside for a break in the weather or head out when we need to for the necessary chores of this position.  It is always an opportunity to walk a few rounds of this rock island.

We walked around this morning in the rain and came upon an otter, a river otter.  It looks like it might be wounded, it is up on the rock close to the ladder where I would normally be swimming and where the boats come to deliver people and supplies.  Could it be resting or recovering.  What message does it bring?  Google says otter teaches about good luck, adaptability, excitable, fun seeking, playfulness, friendship and freedom from stress, moving gently through the river of life.  Otters are intelligent and curious.   They are great networkers and great at motivating others.    Later in the day when I went for a walk the otter had moved on … not sure where.  Perhaps a little evidence of its food on the lawn.  Hmmmmm curious.

In the 8 a.m. morning swims in Victoria we enjoy seeing the otter family that lives near the breakwater.  They are fun to observe often in the grouping of 5.  When I float high in the water, on my back, knees slightly bent and hands up out of the water.  One of my friends calls it ‘the full otter’ and tries to emulate it.  I am not sure why I float so high in the water with stability.  When I google it says relative density of the body, elderly females who are not as fit, with a wider surface area, with higher body fat and less muscle may tend to float more easily.  Holding ones inhale breath also may assist with buoyancy.  A person can learn to let the water hold them …. Fully inflating ones lungs which enhances the ability to float.

In late morning I am listening to Sangha Live for Sunday, led by a woman from Africa, talking about interconnectedness …. Ubuntu, African Indigenous Wisdom.  The Courage to Love.  Behind every connection is a heartbeat, a sameness, “just like me”.  We are one.  I did some walking meditation with the group (sangha) and listened to the talk.  

This afternoon in the 30 knot winds and gusting we went for a walk around … in 6 – 7 foot waves we saw no less than 5 sea lions actually surfing in the big waves.  They gathered and waited and body surfed on top, jumping and frolicking and having a blast – it seemed!  So fun to watch.  Why wouldn’t nature have fun?

There are so many hours in a day here …. More, it seems, than at home.  We go to bed early and fill up the days with activity and rest.  The rhythm is peaceful and productive, whatever the weather.  

We just came in from an evening weather report and walk around.  The sun is setting, clouds are more scattered, the rain stopped mid this afternoon.  The wind has calmed and we can see the sea lions out in the wild rippled sea laying around, poking their heads up to say hi.  I wave 🙂  The thought crosses my mind that if I lived on this island after a while, would they wave back?

It will be getting dark in a while, we are having a fruit smoothie as a snack (trying to use up some of the vast quantity of food we both brought to share).  We will wind down and prepare for bed.  Still one more weather report to do before the solid sleep through the night.


One comment on “Lighthouse refuge, Mother Nature speaks

  1. Marisa says:

    Thank you so much in sharing your tremendous experience. So very appreciated.

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