Cinque Terre13 Nov 2019

Cinque Terre 13 Nov 2019

Bus number 1 and a few of our group meet at 745 this morning in Marina Lounge. Weather prediction is scattered showers.

Others in our travelling group have opted for Florence (Firenze), Pisa, Tuscany wine tasting. Livorno is our destination and then to a couple of Cinque Terre villages by small coach.

15 century much of the area remains. Old stone structures, fences, terraced vineyards. We drive through the beautiful Italian countryside.

Carrera town we passed. Large export area for Marble. High mountain view quarries and massive export business.
Olive trees and lovely farmlands in the valley.

Foggy for first hours on the bus en route to Cinque Terre. We pass through region of Pisa and can barely make out the leaning tower as part of the cathedral. She explains the famous mistake of the leaning tower.

Small bus of this region. 20 passenger. So we can navigate the narrow roads near cinque terre. The sun has poked out and the sharp contrasting red tile roofs with green vegetation, high beautiful umbrella trees, low green shrubs, weeping willows, cactus, aloe. Beautiful mountain top towns. Rail connector.

Rio Maggiori. It has been a few years since I have been here, last time I was cruising to Italy. Not the busy season, peaceful, cool, sunshine, blue skies. The sound of the surf, friendly, aggressively crashing toward the shore. Beautiful colored waves, likely cold for a dip. Pale green, purple tones reflecting the sun above and sea stones below. Lucky for the sunshine today. Fresh, scenic, warmed by the rays. White shore birds resting and riding the waves.

Shorebirds dancing in the coastal breeze. I stop and listen, feel the gentle breeze on my face and hands.

Local fare, pastas, focaccia breads. Local folks with a fishing rod out, a bucket of collected catch. Coffee wine scents and visuals. Building with Terre cotta roof tiles, pale pink, gold, dark orange, lite reds, stucco covers the building sides, shutters on window.

Rosemarie and Greg are on the bus, sharing the day together. Marvelous memories.

Veranazza is the second town. Sunshine brilliantly with crashing waves. Local white wine bottle, frizzante. Deliciousness. Wow! Having a caprese salad with olives and capers.

Wish you were here. Travelling with friends and family (21 total guests). LOVING OCEANIA. thanks for the service and memories.

Love Pamela

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