Inspiration in Greece, 14 Sept 2019

Greek inspiration 14 September 2019

Penny inspires us at Delphi. I have had the exceptional fortune on my trip to meet and be guided by Penny. She is a lovely person, so passionate about her country and the history of Greece. From practical historical perspective connected with situational interpretation to the very personal stories with deep expression and passion.

I have suggested that Penny be the tour guide if at all possible when I come again to Delphi in November while on Oceania Marina cruise with my family and travelling women.

I also invite her to be one of the women on my personal list, Circle of Genius. A person that I can consult if I need to, but more importantly to hold in a position of admiration and caring, that I admire and adopt as a mentor by virtue of how she shows up in the world. I have many people on that list now …. it grows with time and experience. Thank you to the many people who hold that space for me in my life and give me inspiration and mentorship.

We are shown some musical notes and lyrics from antiquity, written in the stones in Delphi. Language and music requires melody, accent. Discovered the lyrics, the notes. Without melody it is just a guess how the song would sound. For me, this was a new way to interpret music and history, culture. Accent is melody.

UNESCO United Nations Education Science Culture sites in Greece has 18, highest per population of the world. Dense with cultural significance …. what comes first? The stories as they are passed through the ages and shared from our ancestors, validated or interpreted through archeological findings …. then new pieces of the puzzle are found … shifting our understanding as new connections are made. Much like how my brain works in thinking …. maps and pathways are formed, deepened, altered by the new information. Does it matter what came first? What does matter is the quality of my questions. This is my learning and take away from the Oracle of Delphi.

Today we depart the charming village of Delphi.
We drive through a little ski village, 1000 meters above sea level. Mountain for skiing total 1600 meters above sea level. Beautiful stone work for the buildings. 2.5 hour drive to Athens. Onward to Nafplion today.

Orchards of silver green olive trees, vineyards, Cyprus trees, stone caves of grey and deep dark rust, deep green leaves of dense foliage of the orange trees, low green shrubs, large lazy aloe plants, golds and whites of sand and elements coexisting and contributing to the great geographical puzzle of Greek landscape. Hilly and mountainous,green valleys connecting elements and displaying the artistic canvas of nature.

Italian and Greece … Una fatsa, Una ratsa. One face, one character. Singing, dancing, family, tradition, good neighbours.

Greece, Roman, Develop science, history, philosophy, literature, art, politicians, cosmopolitan, democracy not so warriorlike, barbaric, uncivilized, aggressive.

We stop at Mycenae ruins. A fairly recent archeological dig I believe, of a time almost unimaginable. I opt to sit this one out. Massive amounts of bus tourists speaking as many languages as there are. Hot sun, warm breeze, with wild wind gusts making me take off my hat for fear I won’t see it again. A bench, wooden, in need of repair, people watching in present day as they visit antiquity.

Do we know the stories from the stones or did we learn from ancestors and now discover the truth, or our understanding of the truth?

The town bells are ringing in song as I write this. I stop to hold the moment. As Pema Chodron guides me “stay…. stay”

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