Sea Day. 9 June 2019. Left France. En route to England

Last evening after dinner, we sat on the top deck, the Living Room it is called on board the Azamara Journey cruise ship. Front row view in comfy chairs, deck 10, for more than 3 hours as we sailed with swans along the Seine. I took pictures … I wrote these words …

“Wow. Spectacular. Fancy Triplets playing favourite songs.

Perfectly manicured lawns and hedges surrounding beautiful estate homes, mansions facing the mighty and peaceful Seine River. Farms on the other side of the river, acres of greenery. Tree lined walkways and paved paths.

Flocks of birds in formation leading us up this beautiful river. This is an amazing sight. A highlight of the trip and the reason we sail on small ships in Europe.

Caravans of camper trailers. Families of swans peacefully meandering alongside our boutique sailing home. The sun in the clear blue sky is preparing to set behind the green full trees. It’s so peaceful and busy. The colours of the sky catch my breath.

Occasional church steeples on the horizon. Hello yellow golden glow. Swans creating ripples in v formation. Horses in the field. Flowers atop fence posts. Limestone cliffs, sandy beaches. Trees bending in reverence.

Sailing boats tied up at the ready. Tall 4 story old homes stately, dignified, coloured paint, brick and stone, half timber, sloped roofs. More swans. A mating pair. And another. Families of 4 or 5. Getting ready for slow summer night on the Seine.”

It was a relaxing sea day today. We went for a walk and run this morning. A day of relaxation, enjoying the meals, free laundry. Recognizing this as the last day aboard this cruise ship, appreciation of the food, the activities, entertainment. We had German traditional meal, British cuisine, chocolate buffet. A view of behind the scenes at the Cabaret hosted by Eric, the cruise director … for over an hour of Q and A. As well as Eric deGray show tonight, singing Broadway and then a tribute to ABBA. Costumes, singing, humour, talent, fun, standing ovation. This is a spectacular cruiseline with a lot to offer.

Tomorrow we explore Greenwich England. We will find and arrange a transfer to Gatwich airport for the following morning as we depart for Home. Stay tuned.

Thanks for following, I am coming home!!

Love Pamela

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