Sea Day. Monday 3 June2019

Wavy day at sea today, between Portugal and France, traveling in excess of 512 kms. Beautiful sunshine, windy and wavy on the sea.

Today we went to brunch. Seas were rough however I was able to spot whales and dolphins aplenty. This is the half-way point of the cruise, we did laundry and enjoyed some decaf coffee, started a jigsaw puzzle of Venice (edge pieces are complete), listened to guest lecturer, dined in the Windows Cafe and very much enjoyed gluten free varieties of Indian cuisine. After dining with our friends Rachel and Monica we all did a couple of kilometers on the walking track on 10th floor. At 945 pm the cruise director put on a great performance, Eric deGray.

In the morning I have an appointment with Azamara Canadian Business Development Manager at 9 am. After perhaps more walking on deck. The plan is to arrive at St. Malo for tender after 11:30 am, depart from ship at 1 pm.

Some Places in France, to go …… June 2019

Quote from 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go, by Marcia deSanctis … “France is diverse, sprawling, magnificent, flush with architecture, culture, style, royalty and religion, soaked in sauce Béarnaise and Bordeaux reds.” There is much to see and experience that is uniquely French, and I love France-land and culture.

“In Paris, it’s important to allow yourself to be lured—by instinct, a spectacular sound, or by any kind of hunger. You will never regret it.”

Good night to all, hope you are enjoying the cruise as much as I am 🙂

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