Getting ready for Porto

Sunday 2 June 2019, Leixoes Portugal

Good morning,

The fog is lifting and we are safely and securely docked at Leixoes in Portugal. This is the port for the city of Porto. We are here about 8 am local time and the fog so dense we could not see anything out the balcony but wet white air fluff. It is starting to lift, temperatures will likely climb to 24 degrees today, partly cloudy predicted so a much more moderate day ashore.

Porto is located at the mouth of the Rio Douro. I have heard of this special place many times as river cruises traverse on this waterway. Area famous for port and other wine. Is this the cultural capital of Portugal? There is a UNESCO World Heritage site here as well as dozens of cafes, restaurants and bars, all captured within medieval arches and cobblestone streets, beckoning the tourists to explore.

Azamara provides a shuttle into town so we will head out shortly. After we finish our decaf coffee, we will search for some wifi and then see what the destination has for us.

Stay tuned!

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