Getting lost in time, smooth sailing 31 May 2019

Good day,

The sea is calm, we had an extra hour of sleep with the time zone change last night. Finally I slept. I feel almost like myself this morning :). That is, my self on vacation.

I was able to connect with some friends and family members yesterday with some free internet time at port in Cadiz, Spain. It seems a few previous blog-posts did not get attached to my blog. I will add them here as background information as to the journey prior to being on the ship.

Today our lovely smooth seas, barely some rolling, no white caps, no wind … beautiful pastel sunrise, and now the sky is completely void of clouds, fading to blue and reflecting to the sea. Wow … I love the experience of cruising.

Dinner last evening with Janet, the Azamara Club Cruises hostess and a table of 6 more travel agents. I have a scheduled three hour training session with Janet this morning and another one-to-one session early in June still to come.

Time and date don’t really mean much on this trip, except if there is some appointments. I get lost in the time continuum, losing track. This trio to Greenwich England will be a study of time. Trying to stay present to the time I am in this moment, and this moment.

Below are the first two posts that got lost in time …..


25 May 2019 , Preparing for the adventure:

Good afternoon fair blog, it is Saturday 25 May 2019, Victoria BC, Canada.

I have neglected writing in this blog, mostly because this is a TRAVEL BLOG and quite frankly, I have not been traveling since August 2017 ……

I am leaving in the morning, 26 May 2019 on a Westjet flight to Barcelona, Spain. On 28 May 2019 I will be boarding Azamara Journey for a 14 night cruise. This will be my fifth cruise on this fabulous boutique ship, 684 guests and I hear it is completely full! I tried to get an upgrade but alas only the Owner Suite is available now! I have a balcony room booked and that will be amazing.

Ports of call will include Cadiz, Spain (Seville?), then two days and overnight in Lisbon, and an Azamazing Evening experience (my 4th!!) on to Porto Portugal …. and several stops in France. St. Malo, Cherbourg, Honfleur, and Rouen (overnight so we can spend time in Paris!), ending in Greenwich England and flying home from London Heathrow on 11 June 2019.

Small carry-on size suitcase is packed, I have made final decisions on shoes and other necessities for this cruise. This suitcase I purchased many years ago, it is an Italian brand and showing a bit of wear …. may have to purchase a new suitcase in Europe and bring it home! Carpisa is the brand, made in Italy, with a turtle logo.

Shoes in new IT black carry on bag with a strap on the back so it will hang on tight to my suitcase handle, carry my flats comfy shoes and computer, iPad and chargers etc. And trying out a new look for a purse, also has a strap on the back, and can hold iPad and computer ….. I think I am set.

I purchased a very small Microsoft computer that is lightweight so I can check on my work emails, if I need to on the trip. Knowing I have at least 4 trips planned for this year and portability is what I am looking for. “Surface Go. Performs like a laptop, travels like a tablet”. I will take both the Surface Go and ipad, am still an ipad lover so typing on my ipad right now. It has my photos on it also. With my phone on airplane mode and my “out-of-office” on, I am unplugging for the first time in 22 months!!! Woo hoo!

OK – going to do some last minute things, and see if I can remember how to post on the Blog!

Stay tuned my friends and family …… here we go again!!

Hugs, Pamela

“Your travelling agent”


Flying over Canada. 26 to 27 May 2019

Several times per year I fly over Canada. Sometimes to visit family on the east coast (Nova Scotia) and sometimes to fly over the Atlantic pond to reach Europe. On WestJet or Air Canada.

I am very aware of the size of this country. Hours and hours in the air high above mountains, farmland, rivers and lakes, cities and town, mostly wide open spaces. Four hours time zone difference between where I live, in VICTORIA on Vancouver Island… to Annapolis Valley on the east coast of Nova Scotia.

Today I have been falling asleep, and now sitting upright and listening to Audible program of Pema Chödrön’s work “Making Friends With Your Mind. The key to contentment.” I have heard this recording from a weekend retreat. I love the title … even if that is all it was! The goodies, the learning, the practices that assist this person to have a contended life. Another favorite from the same author is the recording “Don’t Bite the Hook.”

My life is busy and full. With work, with family and friends, hobbies, reading books, household chores, fitness and thoughts. I can use all the benefits of such teachings to make friends with my own mind, my own life activities and thoughts. I feel a general happiness and contentment.

Today, unplugged from my phone. The last time I was inaccessible by phone was in August 2017, 22 months ago. I am looking forward to relaxing into the void of no-contact. I will have sporadic email / WiFi access. (I just remembered that in Canada we call it wi-fi with hard long “eye” sound. In Europe I think they referred it as wee-fee. Or somewhere I have been, this is my recollection. ). Isn’t it interesting the difference in phrases, working and pronunciation depending on where we live?

I read recently the purpose of travel is to stretch out of the routine, my comfort zone. To change up the stimulus from that of same-same, to new eyes, hearing unfamiliar sounds including accents of speech, touching the textures of trees and textiles, the feel of ancientness under ground on the cobblestone streets and bridges, walking with the ancestors -becoming a part of the global community, leaving behind my very small world of my ordinary day-to-day experience. The architecture, the service industry offering vulnerability and exposure to new ways to doing things. Opportunities to be kinder.

Intense daily chats with girlfriends and feeling connection to women around the world. The below are my intentions for this trip. My travel buddy and I will read these each morning on this trip, committed to being better people on this earth.

Travel Mastery: intentions

1. Plentiful abundance and Ease are flowing through me at all times

2. I walk with health and ease through Europe, along cobblestones, by rivers, taking photos and creating memories

3. 1% more kindness, generosity and positivity every day

4. My body is vibrant, photogenic and full of energy

5. I experience love, joy, peace in all my relationships

6. My written words attract, inspire and illuminate

7. I radiate positive light and goodwill along my path

8. I attract clear skies, sunshine and moonbeams

9. I live in Easy World: Breathe, Relax, Allow, Enjoy

10. World Peace is my ultimate goal. Women Holding Hands Around the World.

Thank you for reading,


“Your Travelling Agent”

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  1. gailgrant49 says:

    Thank Pam. I did receive the other to blogs previously so you did do whatever…right!

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