Azamara Journey, here I come again

Good afternoon fair blog, it is Saturday 25 May 2019, Victoria BC, Canada.

I have neglected writing in this blog, mostly because this is a TRAVEL BLOG and quite frankly, I have not been traveling since August 2017 ……

I am leaving in the morning, 26 May 2019 on a Westjet flight to Barcelona, Spain. On 28 May 2019 I will be boarding Azamara Journey for a 14 night cruise. This will be my fifth cruise on this fabulous boutique ship, 684 guests and I hear it is completely full! I tried to get an upgrade but alas only the Owner Suite is available now! I have a balcony room booked and that will be amazing.

Ports of call will include Cadiz, Spain (Seville?), then two days and overnight in Lisbon, and an Azamazing Evening experience (my 4th!!) on to Porto Portugal …. and several stops in France. St. Malo, Cherbourg, Honfleur, and Rouen (overnight so we can spend time in Paris!), ending in Greenwich England and flying home from London Heathrow on 11 June 2019.

Small carry-on size suitcase is packed, I have made final decisions on shoes and other necessities for this cruise. This suitcase I purchased many years ago, it is an Italian brand and showing a bit of wear …. may have to purchase a new suitcase in Europe and bring it home! Carpisa is the brand, made in Italy, with a turtle logo.

Shoes in new IT black carry on bag with a strap on the back so it will hang on tight to my suitcase handle, carry my flats comfy shoes and computer, iPad and chargers etc. And trying out a new look for a purse, also has a strap on the back, and can hold iPad and computer ….. I think I am set.

I purchased a very small Microsoft computer that is lightweight so I can check on my work emails, if I need to on the trip. Knowing I have at least 4 trips planned for this year and portability is what I am looking for. “Surface Go. Performs like a laptop, travels like a tablet”. I will take both the Surface Go and ipad, am still an ipad lover so typing on my ipad right now. It has my photos on it also. With my phone on airplane mode and my “out-of-office” on, I am unplugging for the first time in 22 months!!! Woo hoo!

OK – going to do some last minute things, and see if I can remember how to post on the Blog!

Stay tuned my friends and family …… here we go again!!

Hugs, Pamela
“Your travelling agent”


3 comments on “Azamara Journey, here I come again

  1. Colleen Shanks says:

    Yahoo – ❤️🥳🧚🏿‍♀️

  2. Kim Sparks says:

    Have a wonderful time. How exciting! I’m impressed you can pack so little. I need to learn that skill. Have fun.

  3. gailgrant49 says:

    Have a fabulous time Pam. I am sure you will. I wanna see pictures and hear all about where you are travelling.

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