Land again, New York City, day one

New York, New York. 
We arrived a little later than planned from the cruise ship yesterday due to crazy storm at sea for two nights … it slowed down the speed the ship could safely travel.  
Now on dry land and happy. Six of us shared a hired vehicle to our hotel Manhattan on Times Square. I have stayed here on previous trip to New York and it is centrally located and fun. We are on the 14 th floor with a view of the city streets and taller buildings that surround.
We spent the afternoon wandering after we lunched at Ellen’s Stardust Diner (where the wait staff sing and perform Broadway hits as we eat :). Then we checked out the gigantic three story M and M store with huge green m and m created into Statue of Liberty. Very cool. Onward to the Times Square ball drop site and some watching of people and feeling the city vibe. New York Yankee paraphernalia … and ticket booth, NYPD everywhere. 
We got tickets to see Come From Away on Broadway at Schubert theatre. We returned to our hotel, prepared for dinner, found fabulous gluten free pizza place near the theatre, Johns of Times Square, pizzeria. The inside is like a converted theatre with one large wall of black and white drawing of New York City from the air. It is beautiful and great huge brick oven, thin crust pizza …. yummm. In shifts we ate, then we enjoyed the show. We were all proud Canadians and entertained by this wonderful creation of artistic expression of a difficult time in North American history. Highly recommended.  
On the walk home to the hotel, we noticed how bright it was on the street. Lit up by the super large video screens stacked high and wide along the strip. The only way to know it is nighttime is to look straight up and see the black sky above. Hoards of people, streets are packed with locals and tourists alike. Fantastic really. 


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