Halifax, NS, Canada as a tourist

I love Halifax and it is in my Province of birth. Today our cruise ship spent from 11 am to 11 pm in this beautiful port city. My mom, her friend Jim, and my new friend Lesley and I met to leave the ship together for a fun day.

Most of the rest of the group are on excursions as this is their first time here and there is MUCH to see … Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, Halifax history, Lunenberg … and more.
For our group of 4, we enjoyed walking, talking, shopping, (YES, we went to John David Shoes on Spring Garden Road and spent a few hours selecting from the huge 70% off sale! Wow!!), eating and even shared a bottle of prosecco. Jim went to Pier 21 and the gals enjoyed sharing the day together.  
Then a nice leisurely walk along Halifax boardwalk was also lovely … enjoying the bright sunshine and seascapes. This is a great city and a good representation of Canadian life. I feel proud to share it with the guests and crew on the Insignia.
Soon going to enjoy some wine and dining in the buffet, Terrace Cafe as we sit and talk and enjoy the ending of another great day.
Two days at sea about to happen … then three days in Bermuda.  
Ahhhhhhh, this is a great life!!!

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