Sailing to Bar Harbor

Waiting …. sailing in to Bar Harbor Maine. The fog is dense and I can hear the sea from my balcony window.
Within moments I start to see little markers (lobster traps) close to the ship, still with very limited visibility.
As the sun rises the fog lifts to reveal a rugged coastline dotted with small islands. Trees and crashing waves, variations in the coloring of the rocky shore marking tidal activity on this sea coast.
It is spectacular. What looks like thousands or more of colourful markers as far as the eye can see. Orange and white bobbles adorning the sea.  
Today is a walking day. Small coastal town of Bar Harbor, population 5,235 and promises to be 24 degrees with partial sunny skies. We have been so fortunate on this trip with weather. Last night it rained and blew mightily on the sea, but was so pleasant to sleep in the rocking.  
More later, breakfast is arriving šŸ™‚

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