Train to Geneva

The Train to Geneva
Up early in Dijon, still on board the beautiful Croisie Europe barge, Daniele. Our GAdventures Burgundy River Adventure has come to an end. Breakfast is at 730 am, baggage pick up at 845 am and bus service to the train station in Dijon for our onward journeys. 8 Canadians, 4 from US, 4 from Germany, a few from Australia and a few from England was the nationality make up. 8 solo women travelers and 7 couples travelled together for the 8 day journey on the Saone river and canals of the Burgundy region of France. It far exceeded my expectations for this trip.  
Now for the onward travels toward home. We selected first class tickets from Dijon to Geneva and a stop in the large station at Lyon. The scenery is always spectacular from the train window in France. Large fields of sunflowers, corn, and farmland for the first leg of the journey. Flat and picturesque with little villages off in the distance. The second leg offered more mountainous and hilly landscape.  
Next time to Europe I will bring less luggage, maybe traveling with a backpack only. It is less stress when getting on and off train platforms. The first class cabin on this second leg is much smaller and overflowing with people. No one has checked tickets so I expect some do not have first class passage paid. In second class I can see some people sitting on their luggage and stairs, so it seems oversold seats.  
We have arrived at Hotel Kipling … Geneva Switzerland

One comment on “Train to Geneva

  1. Colleen Shanks says:

    looks wonderful – safe trip home – can’t wait to catch up

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