Joining the Saone

Joining the Saone
This morning we headed out on a walk after a full and satisfying breakfast. The careful staff keep my food separated and so it is always safe for my meals on board. Excellent.  
We stayed last evening in Chalon sur Saone which is a lovely larger city for this trip, smaller than Dijon and yet larger than all the other cities we will see this week.
We had a lovely walking tour through the town and now heading off up the river for the day. Sunny, warm and clear out today and the river is wider and no more canal so we can’t walk alongside today.
Colourful kayaks and beautiful bridges. Other boats and barges passing on our left. Roof tops of reds, golds and browns, terracotta tiles. Shutters of colours and wood adorning windows. While lace fabric fluttering in a gentle morning breeze. 

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