A great day in Dijon

The hotel Mercure is lovely, 4 star and with a cool pool for a refreshing cool down…. several times! Tiny fridge in the room to cool the bottle of local white wine. Twin beds, lovely modern shower. Quite pleasant and centrally located, within walking distance to town and the markets, and food.  
First evening we walked to a restaurant / bar open earlier than most. We had salads and a great spritzer rose wine beverage. It was great, getting lost and wandering around the streets, finding a large fountain. Children and adults alike were cooling off, and a large dog too! We got pictures of the delightful scene.  
Our jet lag continued to come and go, like waves in the sea … like hitting a wall, and waiting as it moved on. Back to the room for a bottle of wine to share and some snacks before a long sleep.
In the morning we woke early and talked about our journey, so far and what to expect. A full day ahead to explore Dijon, home of famous mustard. Ha ha. What’s the fuss about?  
Up early, relaxing breakfast and off for a walk to find the Starbucks! Decaf coffee ( not just hot water :)). We found it on a map and we also wanted to check out the Maille mustard shop near Galleries Lafayette. The four of us head out.
We wandered through windy short streets, into markets, squares with fountains, chocolate shops and so much more. We picked up some of those dark chocolate on orange peel delights and a beautiful meringue sprinkled with cocoa.  
One of the gals commented to the mustard sales person that we can get this brand of mustard in Canada. He was quick to correct us! The mustard here is made with wine, not vinegar. The taste is more like wasabi as it hits the pallet and sneaks up on the nose. Wow! We spent a lot of time tasting, comparing and enjoying this marvellous flavour experience. With our purchases, we move on, not forgetting the sensation that lingers.  
Off to lunch and although we had salads and other delights, we ordered one plate of frites, French fries, to share. And to dip, skip the ketchup, bring on the mustard! Yummmm
We walked through a square in a park setting, full of sculpture and fountains. We noticed a bird struggling in the water. Three police persons on bicycles were conversing, one takes off his shoes and socks and into the water. He rescues the bird, and another officer wraps her hands gently around the bird who now relaxes in her clutch. Many school children surround the rescued pigeons, keen with interest. It was heart warming and lovely to witness the rescue.
I picked up some children’s post cards, in French and wrote them up for my two grandsons and dropped them off at the post office for mailing.  
More swimming, more rose wine…
At 6 pm we met the larger group, 22 guests who will spend the week on the river barge, Daniele!  
More stores tomorrow, tonight, to sleep.  

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