‘Being’ in Jaisalmer 

I am still not sleeping very well. We have spent two nights in this Haveli Jasmin in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.
It is a group trip and yet, it is my journey only that I am experiencing. Maybe due to the state of tiredness, and being in a very foreign environment, or maybe it is my desire to be present to every last morsel that is being offered.
Yesterday we had an easier morning although I was awake very early to try to catch the sunrise on the Golden City as it passes, as it does, every day. I had been awake late the previous night until after three a.m. with the train ride, late arrival, welcoming hot brewed ginger tea with lemon and deep friendship connection and conversations.
Awakened to the sounds of this desert city, inspired by the sights out my third floor window with view of the magnificent living fort, the golden rooftops of the city and the awakening and daily routines of the inhabitants, human and otherwise. We spied a camel on the other side of the tree, a cow looking for breakfast, dogs foraging through the refuse and playing, people walking about to do their daily business.
And then breakfast on the rooftop cafe, with glass walls overlooking the city and fort, more sounds, more tastes of India to enjoy.

After a consultation and conversation about the do’s and don’ts here, as tourists, we ventured in tuk tuks out to see the sights that are world famous and presented with stories upon stories of history layered with present day situations bringing this destination to life.
I am an advocate for Local Living Adventures, To have a chance to wake up and smell the new day with all the senses and to walk with the locals in their hometown is a gift for my tourist self, I feel welcome here and safe
A day of sightseeing, a rooftop lunch of Indian spicy pakoras dipped in green chile sauce, rice and lentils and curry, more water, and a glass of wine we head back to our haveli home in tuk tuk style. Greeted there by previously arranged Kerala style Ayurvedic spa massage and facials. A little time to process and take it in. 
Dinner on the roof top as a group and late evening conversation about life in our homes, our communities and our larger world. Once again confirming we are one and all people having personal responsibility to make it the best we possibly can. 
Deep and rich, sharing of grief that we carry from our work, now and in the past, and wise in knowing how it is with and and for women here and everywhere. We share this and we honour those that brought our hearts to the table. Namaste.
I am richer, wiser and somehow more universally connected because of yesterdays talks and being together as a group. I had some insights and moments of mindfulness that give meaning to my travels

One comment on “‘Being’ in Jaisalmer 

  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I am enjoying following along with you. Please say hi to everyone for me.

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