Post one: great Europe Adventure, travelling with 42!!

On my way to the next great travel adventure. This one is extra special.
I get to travel with 42 friends on a luxury cruise from Athens to Barcelona Spain on my favourite cruise line and ship, Oceania Riviera.
I am on the plane for the first leg of the trip. Just left at 6 am from Victoria to Toronto. Next leg will be Toronto to Frankfurt with premium upgrade seating and then Frankfurt to Athens. The luggage gods are with us, I feel my new carpet bag style carry on size, checked bag is even now below in this plane. My bag will follow me carrying precious and carefully selected items to help me celebrate the occasions of this trip.  
Travelling with friends, 
Guest blogger, Shelly Harvey has this to say …. “I am so grateful and feel privileged to be here. So many new experiences are waiting to be discovered.”  
Punctuating this day with the startlingly spectacular bright orange sun rise laying across the fluffy white clouds. It looks like we could walk into forever across the horizon …. I guess we will!  
Going as far as we can, beaches, luxury, adventure, meeting new people and seeing new places … with the fresh new vision of my fun and brilliant travel buddy Shelly, I can see this trip with new eyes of my own. Seeing from a perspective of unexpectedness and curiosity. What will be revealed?  
Our days on board will begin and end in a Penthouse suite on board one of the most luxurious ships at sea.  
How do regular every day working women, some retired, get to see the world in this way? Trust, faith, openness, taking seemingly small steps of “yes”.  
Me, I get to be the leader, at least for a little while. I get to encourage and welcome and enjoy all the women and couples who have trusted me to join them on their exotic European adventure. Lucky me! I also feel privileged to have become travel companions with such extraordinary people.

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