Sights and sounds of the south

Sights and sounds of the south
This morning, in the jungles of south India, Kerala, I am awake and listening to the sweet songs of nature. Soft whistles of birds, tweets, and squawks … Twitters and calls. Hoots, strong and solid. Almost giggles and whistle words. Distant and close up. Rhythmic, playful and repeated, I hear communications of the wild.  
The trees surrounding this cabin in the jungle are teeming with sounds, stories and songs of the birds that live here. Outside in the fantastic bathroom area, open roof over the shower I can see many varieties of these song birds. One is very tiny, maybe 1.5 inches long, iridescent turquoise blue wings and face on black breast with medium long beak also black. It shines in the early morning light and stands out against the tree branch it rests upon. Nervous like a hummingbird, short abrupt movements, skittish.
Off to breakfast, two days and nights left till I begin my trek home. The adventure has been amazing. I highly recommend all of the places I have stayed and the sights I have seen… It is an unbelievable and exquisite trip ….

One comment on “Sights and sounds of the south

  1. Elaine Bennett says:

    We have enjoyed your trip with you, love the comments and pictures

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