The student meets the teacher

The student, now a middle aged man in the work of being a tour guide in India, reaches down and touches the pant leg of an older man standing in the market. The older man reaches in his pocket. He produces a Bon Bon, a commercially wrapped candy. The teacher passes the candy to the student man. The student man opens the candy wrapper and eats the candy.  
No words were spoken … The exchange complete. The older man still standing in the market engaged in whatever he was doing before the exchange.  
The student, now our guide for the day, takes a moment to explain.
That older man was once his teacher. When he was young, the student would learn from the teacher and be rewarded for learning his lessons.
Since that time, the student bows to the teacher, touches his pant leg as if still a young child …. Honouring his teacher. The unspoken message is … “I am me now, because you taught me.”
The teacher acknowledges that the student is deserving of a reward, always carries the Bon Bon, and delivers the gift to the student.
The student has lived in this Fort, a living Fort, in India in his families home for all his life. His family has been living in that same home for some 50 plus generations … Always have they lived in this home.  
Pamela of India

One comment on “The student meets the teacher

  1. Joanne says:

    I will be sure to carry bonbons for every time I see you! 🙂

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