3 parts, to horoscope reading. 
first part is Astronomy … The science
Second part: Astrology, according to dob, time and position … Where was Mars, Mercury Venus etc…. I’m Capricorn 
Sky map, Placement of the planets and moon, sun and so we know our horoscope sign … On Astrology chart, up is east (not north) … Planetary position is important.
Third part is treatment: stone to wear … Which place …which finger … 
Pamela … Travel, some time alone, travel in mind always, mind very busy, this is a good year for me, … Green and white good colors for me … Diamond, opal, emerald to balance … Wear on baby finger of left hand or bracelet is second best place. I am Social, and I like my lone time. Communication is strength. Busy in my brain.  

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