TukTuk ride  
Five of the gals went out to dinner in an authentic lovely Indian restaurant and and took a cab to get there. The driver was very unsure of how to get there. The cabs offer to stay and wait and bring you back, of course, for a fee. We were unsure how long we would be, and sent him on his way back to take other fares.
 Hotel Saravana Bhavan (South Indian High Quality Vegetarian Restaurant), 50 Janpath, New Delhi. Dinner was fantastic, lovely flavour, much choice and frequented by locals. We all purchased bottled water to drink.  
And then, hailed a Tuktuk for a ride back to the Met hotel….
He pulls over, sign says “off duty”. Male driver in the front seat of this tiny green and yellow vehicle. It has the steering of a motor cycle, the inside like a small car. With a back seat, open sides, a windshield and roof, a few places to grab on. Four women in the back sharing the equivalent of two small seats. One passenger is to share the front single seat with the driver. We negotiated a fare, and agreed on a price. Away we went.  
With a feeling of hanging out in the road with no protection from the elements or on coming traffic, this little vehicle zooms in and around other vehicles, pedestrians and even on sidewalks! Honking all around. People wandering the streets, poverty along the side of the roadway, shops and cafes open to the street. The driver, with fun in his voice and a glint in his eye, refers to the ride as a Helicopter. We giggle and hang on tight.
The end of day one in India. We have been here about twenty hours.  
Pamela and the travelling women 


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