BLOG POST Inspiration travels with me!
On my iPad, iPhone or an ebook, through the chapters and words .. I can hear the voices of those writers and speakers who offer inspiration. Themselves having been inspired by other souls on their journey.
Inspiration is never linear. We are inspired which inspires us to inspire others …. And around it goes.
I feel that Inspiration is one of the words of my lifetime. Sometimes I try to select a work for the day, or the week, month or even year. Time after time “inspiration” reveals itself, repeats and revisits. It stays with me, appears in my speeches and is articulated in my travel articles. Inspiration travels on my trips around the world and lives each day as if in my back pack or pocket.
Some might call it creativity. I am a sociologist by training and mostly I think about life through the lens of sociology. We are continually reminded of where we once were and where we are heading, all in the name of what has happened to us in our lives and who we want to become. The influences of our family of origin, our heroes and mentors, the environmental factors that shaped our personalities.  
Inspiration embodies all of that… All that and then some.
My invitation for 2016 is to play more with inspiration. I want to take time to be seduced by inspiration. To let it find me, keep me company and hopefully we will spend many hours playing together.  
Oh, at least, a half hour of my same 24 hours that makes up every human day. Not too much to ask, do able and yet also enough for daily striving and enjoyment. I can give myself this time, carve it out for myself and see what this self nurturing grows.
I can write morning pages, love notes, and entries in my travel blog. I can post what I write or keep it as scrap notes for another day to explore its meaning. I can listen to Audible readings from my favourite authors and world explorers. I can create a vision board from old magazine pages and travel booklets, pasted on maps and hung on the wall of my home office for my dreaming pleasure.
I plan and participate in Women’s Travel Club outings, meet and greet events as well as full blown across the world globe trotting excursions and cruises, bus and land tours and major cultural explorations. I write about the people I am with, those that I meet and include my inspirations from along the way in my life.  
I chose to believe that I am living my dream. That this is a life of my own design that enriches my soul and contributes to world peace and love. I can create positive messages and lovely visions for my own enjoyment and if by some fluke of fate they are read or shared by others, in some small way I hope to inspire other people to live their dream.  
I remember that when I shine my light, not everyone needs to see it, however, it might be true that some one will see it and will be enriched and inspired as an outcome.  
Inspiration is my lighthouse for 2016 and I will be the beacon of inspiration daily in return.  
Please share with me .. Come be a guest blogger on my site, or better yet, come travel the world and we will embody inspiration together!

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