Questions for Reflection

More questions for reflection 
Hello dear blog readers! I am home, safe and sound. The world around me has changed a little.  
My last trip was fabulous. What made it so? What were the highlights? Any learning opportunities that I embraced? Any unexpected that I treasure and never could have planned for? Any sights, sounds, tastes, textures, conversations that I hold dear from my trip?  
What did I learn in the experience to assist me with the next trip?  
These are not only questions for me to reflect on, however you might want to craft some questions or answers of your own, related to your previous time away. What does that even mean? Time away? Is it always a vacation?  
Do you enjoy stepping in to the culture and time of another destination or do you prefer to cuddle up with a great book and snuggle in to a soft comfy couch at home or in a near by resort for a local getaway from daily routine? Or are you an adventurer? And what do you love about adventure? What does it mean to you? Where do you go and what do you anticipate?
How do you define a great holiday experience? Are you surrounded by family and loved ones? Do you crave routine and tradition? Or step out of the ordinary and invest in once-in-a-lifetime memories? Is there a magic of combining both these ideas?
How can I assist? Do you prefer to do research on your own and be proud of what you found? Are you able to share your findings and solicit valuable help with an assistant planner, an agent for travel?
I have questions circling around in my head almost always, when back home and in planning mode for my next holiday.  
This January I am embarking on a new experience, India! With 18 women from the Women’s Travel Club Meetup group that I host. There is room for a few more on our private hosted tour to this most exotic of locations.
Way out of my comfort zone and yet, being planned and enjoyed by each participant as they do their own research and sharing of ideas.  
We all contribute to the benefit of everyone travelling together as well as those who stay at home and read our blogs!  
This blog is an invitation for you to join me, however you like to, either on vacations or in planning or self reflection ….  

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