A day in Narbonne
Little historic town, city really and not so small. We drove here this morning and parked in the historical part of town, underground. We came up to the street with cobblestones, a canal or river running through the center, cafes and shops lined both sides with rows of the fabulous plane trees! So beautiful.
Despite the windy morning and gloominess of the sky, we had lovely weather and it was very pleasant walking around. up to 21 degrees.  
We strolled around the town, arriving around 130 pm. There is a piece of roman road, original, that once was part of the much larger road used back in the day. It was spectacular to be able to walk on the onld stones and to imagine a time so very long ago. I took lots of pictures of this sight and the surrounding river, tree lined walkway along the river bank. We found a place to stop for lunch after an hour or so of touring around taking pictures of buildings and the scenic river running through it.  
One of the gals notice gluten free crepe type foods … so inside we went. The inside very nicely decorated with large full life size replicas of old tapestries, old lamp and lighting fixtures … all giving an ancient atmosphere. It was busy yet quiet and very tastefully done. She put tables together to accommodate five of us in front of the window for ease of watching the passers by. We ordered drinks and then our meal and I think everyone had one of the best french meals of our trips … four of the gals in our group have been on cruises leading up to this time together and tried many places for lunches off the ships. I have been here for three weeks and this was a spectacular lunch time meal for me. I am so grateful for the find. The flavours stay with me now as I close my eyes and recal the rich food and warmth of having made to order meal that my food allergies and preferences allow. Very highly recommended for lunch!! The restaurant closed while we were there and we did not feel rushed. We had pictures taken with our waitress and with our whole group. Creperie d’Oc
Then a wee bit of shopping as we continued to walk around the town.
I found an adult colouring book, art therapy, anti stress kind of mandala and repetitive colouring …. for my youngest daughter. They had only one and Star Wars theme. Fantastic find, but heavy! I think she will love it. Hard cover and quite thick. It will be heavy to cart around from here, but I bought it anyway, knowing she will love it. Purchased at a book store called “Librairie”.
Also we found a hat store and all tried on beaucoups de chapeaux!!! Berets, and rimmed hats, beautiful store with fabulous exotic scarves and lovely accessories. ” Chapellerie Emona, Boutique de Luxe et accessoires”
It was a lovely day, we are back at the villa now and one of the other gals has prepared a fantastic dinner meal for all of us – mine separate and without meat. I am looking forward to however it tastes. I love how special I feel that people take the time and effort to accommodate my needs and wishes.  
thanks for reading, have a wonderful day doing whatever, wherever you are!
Pamela in France

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