The villa sights and sounds

Egg yolk yellow walls, lilac metal shutters folded back but still in the picture. Fabric furniture covers of lilac, greens and same yellow in sunroom. The furniture mostly patio couches with soft cushions face the scenic wall to all window facing out to the valley.
This is one of the scenes from the villa in south of France. The flooring is stone and cool to walk on, rustic Browns, tans and beige natural stone color through the common areas. Throw carpets of colourful accents and straight back white wooden chairs with pastel seat cushions are placed throughout. Little white wicker tables and French magazines such as Vent Sud, Bbb-midi… A French English magazine for Languedoc region, and many of them! Enticing me to take time to read through and savour the photos and invitations to return one day.  
Outside the sun has started to rise, I can see a great distance now in the almost white sky over the greens, golds and dark brown foliage of a distance and sandy stony roads … Maybe it is raining somewhere off in the far away. Shiny horizon. A few cars go by the sleepy country road that stretches between Nefies and Roujan in south of France.
A bit of wind draws my attention to the tall beautiful grasses and greenery around the house. Pinky purple pale flowers are growing around the door and window near the eating area where we sit to do most activities in this villa. Drink wine, play cards and eat wonderful local foods as a group.  
I can hear the air blowing through the olive trees also in the yard. I see black llamas with white accent patches in a neighbouring field within my view.  
The house is quiet and the gals are still sleeping off the nights activities of late card playing and wine and water consumption. It was fun. You can really enjoy the company of new friends around a card table!  
I will go get dressed now and perhaps make toast, gluten free, with perhaps some lavender honey or sweet preserves of figues noire or cerise …. The options are endless in this country of gastronomique delights!  
Au revoir for now, mes amies and familles!
Pamela of France


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