Sunrise and planning for France, Back to the Future ….

This morning I woke up watching the sun rise. Right outside my room, is a large palm tree, and the leaves and branches are silhouetted against the most spectacular sunrise.
All colours of the vibrant rainbow are against the black background. Purples, reds, oranges, pinky peach, yellow gold, added to the dark blue and the range is complete. Wow, fantastic sight.
The plan tomorrow is Saturday morning Pezanas market and maybe out for dinner. We will have an early evening as mom, Jim and Steve all leave the next morning very early from Montpellier to fly home. Their vacation is finished and the trek home begins for them. I will be returning the rental car. It has been an awesome vehicle, automatic and roomy for all of us to tour around in.  
Today we plan to check out another Les Plus Beaux Villages, in this area, Legrasse. Perhaps we will also check out some beach close by. The temperature looks like 21 degrees today so that will be awesome. Still windy this morning but hopefully that will calm down as the day goes on.
Anne and Barb are up and reviewing some internet sites that celebrate the Back to the Future movie famed day 21 October 2015! It is not what the movie predicted …. interesting concepts and entertaining to consider what we thought life might be like and how it actually looks. A virtual selfie of progress in entertainment time travel through the eyes of Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly! lol. Fun….
Have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world.

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