Gratitude and following my Bliss

I want to thank my clan, my network, my tribe. For all that you do to support me on my journey. Whether my travels or while at home. I value your witness to my experiences.
I am in process, finding balance, exploring rejuvenation and enjoying cozy autumn experiences. Today while in south of France I can feel the supportive energy around me.
I am in awe of my admiration for and inspiration from women living their life in their own special way, driven by their internal magic and precious uniqueness.
I read somewhere this morning that to follow something or someone is to select to let go of my own path, usually out of fear of missing out on something. When the truth is that is exactly what happens … I miss out on me being me.
I am witness to fabulous women and how they navigate their lives within the rhythm and pace of the world gently turning. I can and do admire and support them. I am worthy of no less. I can remain steadfast to my purpose without needing to join in another’s’ passage,, at the expense of following my own truth. These paths are not always exclusive of each other, when we link arms and follow our bliss, we are unstoppable.    
Another lesson learned, at least for now 🙂 This may not be the first time I have this one to review!! lol
Pamela from France 2015, October 16

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