Reflections of France, so far :)

Reflections of France, so far
Beautiful little quaint villages nestled in the green hills and valleys of this southern region of France.  
Close to the moderating affects of being close to the sea, we experience breezes and beautiful sunshine weather 
Vistas of light terra cotta colored tiled roof tops, with peach, gold, and beige colored buildings holding them up. Surrounded by leafy greens of every description in clusters and in rows marking distinct growing fields of vineyards and other growing crops. Grasses, vegetables, fruit trees and low bushes in neat rows for easy farmer access to the riches.
Italian song on the car stereo system while driving through the ever changing microclimates of the region. Music of passion and fancy, deep resonating voices, and cheery buoyant sounds all taking turns to introduce the listening ear to the culture of the nearby country.
I am learning about France by reading about France. Some of this country once was part of Italy.  
Les Plus Beaux Villages in France. The most beautiful villages in France are numbered, recorded and celebrated. We have been to one so far and there are a few hundred I think in total. So charming and rich with history and story. Beautiful old wood doors, red flowers adorning high up window boxes surrounded by wood shutters that will close as the sun goes down. Homes for generations of families in France.
The sound of Franch language being spoken, rapid words, authentic accents and trying to be understood. Different pace and sound than italy. Passion sill belongs to the Italians!  
Red sand, white sand, sea shells, rocky soil, big boulders
Herons, egrets, small birds flitting around, sea birds
Small cars, mostly standard transmission, cute rounded, unique license plates from where we are from. Convertible sports cars, Mercedes.  
Speed limit 90 Kms an hour on back roads, 130 on highway. Great roads, toll highways.  
Lavender scent. Sunflower fields, past their prime.
Honey infused with lavender, rosemary and thyme.  
Herbs de Provence
Pink sea salt abundant with nutrients from the sea.
Rice from Camargue marshes, grown in this region
Tomatoes so tasty, and laid out with goat or Buffalo cheeses and covered with drizzles of balsamic, olive oil and fragrant spice and herbs.
Sea food, fresh fish, shell fish …. Gifts from the sea
Bright colors of cloth, reds, orange, yellow, gold, white and blue
The Rhone and Seine rivers flow through it
Wines: red rich full bodied, white crisp fruity clean, rose off dry part sweet and lovely pink colour for afternoon drinks and people watching


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