Day one is done

It is the end of the first full day in France. It was a beautiful day. We slept in, due to crazy change in time, nine hours later here. We had a leisurely casual breakfast and got logged in to electronic devices.
Off for the day to explore Pezanas. I loved that little town and look forward to more of the same. Old doors, old structures and buildings, shutters on windows, red flowers in bloom in flower boxes. It is perfectly France, and just what I wanted to experience while I am on this vacation.  Chocolate covered orange peels, yum.
Gluten free baguette, toasted and topped with olive tapenade. Rose wines from the region. Sparkling wine, like prosecco with a splash of Cassis. Fantastic flavourful local market veggie cooked to perfection.  
Everyone is pitching in with kitchen tasks. It is lovely to spend this time together, family and friends. I wish all my family and friends were here. Maybe next time :). 
Time for sleep. My iPad has not yet adjusted to the time so it is afternoon where you are and I am heading to bed. Good night.
Bon nuit, 
Pamela, of France

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